Thursday, January 7, 2010

Done #5: Maddy's Blanket

Still catching up on blogging the Done's!...
This project began with an invitation… to my friend Carol’s daughter’s baby shower. I decided to make part of my gift, so I found some “fashionable” flannelette and purchased it to make a baby blanket.

Here you see the soon-to-be mama… Emily. (Thanks Suzanne for the shot).

I then used Garment Designer to create a quick ‘shape’ that I could use as a template for the corner for the blanket.

I cut out two layers of flannelette, and then proceeded to create the trim. Time was running short, and in the end, I didn’t like the trim I had prepared, … it just didn’t work, so I didn’t sew it in place, and took the unfinished blanket to the baby shower (along with my other little gift).

So… time flew, and the hunt for a better fabric for trim began. I finally found it, but the semester at the college took over, and I somehow never managed to finish the project.. Besides, the baby wasn’t born yet.

OK.. so, Maddy was born on Nov. 5th. I finally got to see her over the Christmas holidays, and I was able to deliver the final gift.

Here you can see me cutting the trim, a great polka-dot fabric.

I use this helpful tool to create the bias strips. Simply pull it the strip through and press as you go, and you get a folded bias tape.

Then, I sew the folded trim in place.

I decided to try the Embroidery function built into my Brother QC1000. Without reading the manual or anything, I was able to simply press in Maddy’s name, and her birthdate, and let the sewing machine do all the work! Wow!! I was impressed.

The finished blanket!

Here is Emily and Maddy, modeling the final product.

Twiddle Dee, Twiddle Dum… just another day of working at being a baby! Isn’t she gorgeous?

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