Monday, January 4, 2010

Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo from Verona

I was not sure what to expect of a European city during the holiday season. Do they get into the festivities as much as Canadians and Americans? I love the holidays, and I was a little nervous about being away from home during part of them; i.e. New Years.

Well, I am pleased to say, that I had a wonderful New Year’s Eve, It can be a little daunting being in a city where you know few people, and maneuvering everything da solo (by myself).

So, here is how my New Year’s Eve went.

I began my evening around 8:30 p.m. by going to see Piazza Bra which houses the Roman Arena (where the opera takes place in summer). This is Verona’s equivalent of Times Square in New York City. You can see a little of the Roman arena on the left.

Then, I made my way to Teatro Nuovo to attend “Russia Eterna” a Russian dance and music presentation. It began at 9:30 (as most things do in this city) and ended at 11:20. Then, champagne (brindisi I think it is called) and Panettone (a type of raisin bread) was served in the lobby. Here you can see the inside of the teatre and a few shots of the dancers.

After that, I walked back down Via Manzzinni (one of the main fashion streets) to Piazza Bra. Now, the Piazza was crowded with people from all parts of the world. Live music was playing and the fireworks had started (from inside the Roman Arena). There air was charged with excitement. As midnight approached, fireworks started. There was a live band playing. The midnight countdown happened, and the cheering occurred: this is a universal language. Then, one of my favorite songs was played, Nella Fantasia. It brought tears to my eyes… pretty emotional.

Once the fireworks ended, I slowly started to make my way home, and enjoyed watching all the families celebrating the New Year together. Fantastico!

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