Sunday, August 9, 2009

Shoe Time

Most fashion people love shoes, and I am no exception. When my family was here for my son’s wedding, the “girls” went shopping. Here are the results of our day.

Can you guess personalities from the shoes? There are four of us here, ranging in age from late 20's to 80.
btw.. enjoy my mosaic as the backdrop for some of these photos).

This is just a crazy shot, with a little sunlight and shadows (no, it is not hosiery).


Kathi said...

I am so jealous!! I have a super skinny foot and have great difficulty finding shoes to fit. I thought having children would make my foot a little wider, but it didn't. My foot grew 1/2 size in length and ended up a little more narrow! It was all very depressing.

Amy said...

You have great taste in shoes, as well as a photographer's eye for lines and patterns. Whose shoe is the strappy one in the first picture, with the white and black swoopy lines? I've been looking all over for a pair like that for my best friend's wedding. Where'd you find it? Thanks.

SusanLazear said...

Hi Amy... sorry for my delay. I found the shoe at Nordstrom Rack. In fact, all the shoes in that entry came from there. The brand of the black and cream ones is "Steven, by Steve Madden". Do a web search on that and see if you can find it!