Monday, August 3, 2009

Couture Wedding Gown: The Final Fitting

On July 22nd, we had the final fitting for Kendra's wedding gown. This was three days before the wedding. Kendra had lost more weight, so Elena was doing the final finesse fitting. I was amazed at how impeccable the fit was, even before the last tweakings took place.

The final touch to the gown was to lay in the beaded inserts. You can see below some of the process.

Below you can see how the bustle of the gown's train works. Kendra will use this feature after the ceremony to facilitate moving around with the gown.

Next, we tried on the prototype veil I had constructed. I wanted to check the lengths, the style, the edging samples, etc. I was ready to build the final veil as soon as I got Kendra's feedback.

Lastly, you can see the 'mom's, proudly watching the entire fitting. Kendra's grandmother was also present.

Soon, you will see the gown on the day of the wedding.

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