Wednesday, August 5, 2009

THE Wedding

I know I am biased, but my son's wedding was the most beautiful thing I have experienced. Either he walked me up the aisle, or I walked him up the aisle; it doesn't matter which it was, I was thrilled to be by his side, walking him to his new life. This was the second time I had to fight tears (the first time was when Blake first saw Kendra before the ceremony). Just before we commenced our walk, Blake looked at me and said.. "Mom, you have lipstick on, please don't kiss me at the front". I told him "of course". But by the time we reached the front, I had forgotten everything, as it was all I could do to retain composure and hold back my tears, and ... yes, of course, I gave my baby a hug and a kiss, smack in the middle of his cheek. I instantly realized what I had done, and quickly tried to wipe off the smudge, as I apologized..

Oh Susan... only you could do such a silly thing.

For those of you who have followed since June, you can now see how the dress and shoes looked. (I discuss "the hunt" for them in blogs, mid-June). I added a hat to the ensemble, and a strand of pearls.

Here are Blake and Kendra exchanging vows. Doesn't Kendra's gown look wonderful!

I call this image "The Kiss", named after one of my favorite paintings by Gustav Klimt.. The Kiss.

This is the entire bridal party.

Here I am with my second son, Danny, and my mom. Three generations. Danny was Blake's Best Man.

Here are two shots of Mr. and Mrs. Blake Lazear, standing with the Pacific Ocean as their backdrop.

I now get to stand with my son Blake, and new daughter-in-law Kendra, who I adore.

The Canadian family came to see the first grandchild married. These are my two sisters, my brother, my mom, and my son Danny.

Kendra's parents, Keena and Randy, watching their daughter marry my son. My eyes tear as I look at these images.

My two sons and their 'girls'. Blake with Kendra, and Danny with Isabelle.

These last two shots (in this blog entry) make me smile. They are so full of the romance that marked the day. I call these images "The Dip". By the way, doesn't the veil look wonderful!


Kathi said...

Your dress looks beautiful - I LOVE the hat!
All of the pictures are lovely!

SusanLazear said...

Thanks Kathi.
It's been two weeks since the wedding and I still get emotional. The joy of being a mom and seeing your son in love and marry happily.

KnitKnut said...

You look fabulous, Susan. Love the hat. I have one similar made to order in Ottawa. Fab look... but we expect no less!

Carolyn Barnett

SusanLazear said...

Hi Carolyn..
Thanks! Will I see you at BT Yarns seminar? Hope so.


Lea-Ann said...

What a wonderful day . . . the weather looked fantastic. The wedding party all looked beautiful and the bride and groom -- well, you have a right to feel proud! I love the last image, what a glorious, loving, joyful feeling it invokes. Thanks for sharing! Lea-Ann