Friday, August 7, 2009

Back at Work.. with a little diversion at lunch

After the flurry of events revolved around my son's wedding, I have gone into retreat
at my sister's place in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada. Here you see the view I look at while I work. Once again, my miles with United have allowed me to remove myself from the various things that stare at me while I'm home, calling for attention.

So, now, while my sister goes to work, I sit and work on a new product that is in development at my business. We are working on The Easy Seven Skirt Collection. Using Garment Designer, we create skirt styles, teaching you how to use the software in a manner that teaches you to think outside the box.

Today I planned and drafted a skirt based on Fibonacci's formula's for proportions. I am getting ready to print the pattern out and commence cutting fabric.

And although I am at work, I did have a little diversion at lunchtime. I went out to the yard to let the doggies out of their run, and play with them for awhile.
Enjoy their playfulness. Meet Aires (the older) and Luna (younger).

Aires has a shadow..

Hey!.. wait for me!

Learning to share

They say it is called a 'tongue'. Mine is pink.

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