Sunday, July 12, 2009

Scarabocchio: The Ultimate Fashion Stop in Verona, Italy

Although I am now home, there are still a few things to share of Verona, Italy.
Via ponte Pietra, 25
37121 Verona
tel. 0459298048

If you travel there, and are looking for a store that carries a great assortment of clothing from various designers around Europe, then this is the boutique for you.
Scarabocchio (which means a child’s drawing or scribble) is a family business and has in operation for over thirty years. When the store started, the family focused on carrying designs of haute couture, (e.g., Valentino, Armani). However, since the late 1990’s they have switched their focus, and now find the most important lines of young innovative designers in Europe. Many are unknown presently and many focus on hand-crafted techniques. Primarily, the family travels to Florence, Tuscany (for leather), Bologna (for new trends), Milan, Paris (for French fashion), Barcelona and Madrid (for unique fashion), Seville, and elsewhere. They seek out the unique and classify their taste as “etno chic” (ethnic chic).

Scarabocchio carries approximately 20 lines; the brands and styles change somewhat each season. They cater to people looking for something different.

Here you can meet Arrigo (right) and Giuditta (left), a brother/sister team, who are very involved with the store.

One line I particularly liked was “Blue Deep”, a company from Milan. The clothing had a retro look, and was amazingly unique. Below you see a dress I would have considered purchasing for my son's wedding had I not already bought one.

More shots of the store (which is much larger than you would assume from the street)

Some accessory items

Currently you can find Scarabocchio on Myspace at

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Kathi said...

I really like that purse! The lime with the leather cut outs is outstanding!!!!