Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Celebrating my Mom: She Taught me My Crafts

Today is my mom's 80th birthday! She shares her day with Canada, as it is "her" birthday also, and since I am Canadian, and visiting my mom now, we are celebrating many things.
This blog entry is for my family, and in particular, in honor of my mom Margaret, who taught me all the arts and crafts I now use in my professional world. My mom taught me to sew, to knit, to crochet, and to create. She still sews and knits, and has most recently made a quilt for my son's wedding gift.

Here are a few pics. On top you see mom and I arranging flowers for the luncheon in her honor.

Beneath you see Mom and her three daughters; Chris, Mom, myself,and Jan.

At the bottom, you see some of the extended family, including some of my aunts and uncles, cousins, etc. I am one of 24 grandchildren on my father's side, and 8 grandchildren on my mother's side. So, there are a lot of us. This is only a sampling.

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