Friday, September 18, 2015

Kimono in Kyoto, New, Rental, and Resale

The kimono is alive and well in Kyoto. You commonly see people wearing them on the street, albeit a small percentage of the crowd, yet it is a pleasure to see the variety and the people wearing them.

Kimono at Fushimi Inari Shrine
The Obi at the back
As it turns out, one doesn't really know if the person is a local, or a tourist, who has rented a kimono for a day. There is quite a business here, where you can no only rent a kimono, but you can have your makeup done as well.

Kimono Rental Store
Love the polka dots!
Option for Hair and Make-up
And of course, there are kimono resale stores. Check out the kimono I purchased for about $9.00. According to the shop keeper, this second-hand kimono is made from silk and is about 70 years old. It's in my current favorite color! Orange like the shrine walk above.

The resale kimono shop is on Sanjo street, within 20 meters of Exit #2 of the Higashiyama metro stop (on the Tozai line).

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Christiann Moore said...

I would love one in black!! 💕