Friday, July 22, 2011

Walk in Nature... for Inspiration

Yesterday, we went for a walk in the local area of Huntsville, Utah. We were to take shots of the plants, and later we would paint similar plant life in watercolor. The walk was simply good for the soul. The beauty of Utah and the open space can't be expressed easily, even with photographs.

Here is info from Huntsville's home page. (
Huntsville is located twelve miles east of Ogden City up Ogden Canyon. Its elevation is just under 5,000 feet. At the south west end of the valley, a shimmering man-made lake “Pineview” forms a mirror for the mountains above. More history.

Population facts

As of the 2010, 717 people, 218 households, and 174 families reside in the town.Huntsville is rich in Pioneer history including the women who trekked into the valley.

Here are some shots from our walk.

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Star said...

Lovely photos, thanks! I'm working through Owen Jones' "Grammar of Ornament" tips, still so very sound after all these years. One of his biggest soap boxes? Study nature, *not* to imitate its superficial details, but to understand its underlying structures and harmonies. I'm sure these walks will turn into some marvelous projects for you, one day.