Friday, July 22, 2011

Pushing Myself... Watercolor Workshop with Jane Lafazio

OK.. time to push. I have never taken a true drawing class. But, here I am in Utah, learning how to sketch and create water color journal art. Talk about stretchiiinnnngggg.

Look at the environment. The view from the 'cabin'.

So, meet Jane Lafazio ( Jane is our amazing instructor, who is guiding our way. Dianne Streifer is our host, Creative Mountain Retreats.

So... bit by bit, I'm finding my way. Thus far, I've done three pieces, and am losing the fear. Here is the class.

Our first sketch/water color, was to take a faux bird and sketch it. Then, ink it in, and then, paint it. Here are a few images.

Today, we went to 'town' and found objects at a boutique to sketch. Things like... a bird's nest.


Star said...

Loved the first shot with your flowers. Seeing the works of students at a local non-profit educational center, and having been an art student myself donkey's years ago, my one piece of basic advice to all newbies: don't get distracted by the surface, but examine the underlying structure, first, otherwise the surface rendering will never really be convincing. I'd be interested to hear whether, or not, you think this advice might be applicable to clothing design, too. Enjoy your blog, and LOVE my "StitchPainter" program, thanks!

Jane LaFazio said...

Susan, soo great having you at the retreat! Xoxo