Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beginnings of the Word Series... No Stress

My interests vary and change over periods of time. This summer, an area of focus for me was paying attention to interesting words "on the street" as I traveled. It is amazing how attuned you become to seeing things you would never notice before.

So here you have "No Stress". This was posted on the wall of a home, in a small village called Vigo di Cadore, in the north of Italy. I went here with my cousin Laurie, in search of her family roots. If you could see the village, you would wonder why one would ever think there could be stress in a place as lovely as this.

btw.. We did find some of Laurie's family, and were able to trace her family roots back to the mid 1600's. It was an adventure!

Here is a view of the area. No stress, for sure.

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Star said...

Lovely, thanks! Are you coming through Milan? I'd love to show you the marvelous Bagatti Valsecchi Museum where I work! You may write me at: