Thursday, December 31, 2009

Traveling Shoes are On! New Years in Verona

I'm still using up those miles! And so, I wanted to see Verona in the winter. So, here I am again. I had a wonderful welcome from my 'Italian family'.

Verona is decorated with a festival of lights, and I am about to go walk around to see it for the first time in the dark. It is New Year's Eve, and tonight I am going to a Russian Dance presentation, and then at midnight, I shall head over to the Roman arena you see here to watch the fireworks.

I've already strolled the fashion windows on one of the major fashion streets here, and so I shall be reporting back on that once I've had a chance to take a few photos.

I will also fill you in on my various other reasons for being here (beyond the culture, food, fashion, and photo opportunities... I should need more reason?).

More to come!!

Note: somehow ice skating and Roman arenas seem to be a mix I had not thought of.


Susanna (while in Italy)