Monday, December 21, 2009

One-of-a-Kind Show: Chicago, IL

My girlfriend Carol suggested I come to visit the first weekend of January, and take in the One-of-a-Kind show. Since I needed one more trip with United to achieve a certain status that will give me double miles next year, I decided it was a worthy cause, and booked a ticket.

I thought the show was strictly clothing, and I was prepared to leave credit card and check book at home. Well, it was much more than that. There were many, many different arts, crafts, and related items. The general rule is that the person in the booth has made or produced the goods.

Of course, Chicago itself is interesting, and a great city to visit. If it weren't for the wind!

Below look at a shot of the Esty booth, and some views of Chicago. I will be sharing some of the artists work (with their permission).

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KnitKnut said...

So sorry we missed you. Dedided against a US show this year. Not sure about the economy and people were moaning and not shopping last OOAK Chicago.
Took in OOAK NYC thought with a colleague, (note to self, must post that next on my blog). Much smaller, opening night seemed to go well, must consult with particpating Canadian colleagues to see how sales went.
Maybe in 2010 or '11.