Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Zealand Fashion

One of the reasons I love coming to New Zealand is the fashion that I see here. For such a small population (about 4 million), the level of fashion is top-notch. I am constantly impressed with the amount of creativity and detail I see.

I’ve been out twice with ‘the girls’ shopping, and it has been so much fun.

Here is what I’ve seen that is new .. for the upcoming Winter season here in New Zealand, (remember, the season’s are opposite).

  • Lots of hoods, on dress and casual garments, in silks, cottons, and other. Many of the hoods have extra-unique details.
  • Hood extensions, e.g. one side of a hood extending into a scarf.
  • Layering, especially in knitwear. We would see two fronts, one a vest and the other a full sweater, both on the same garment.
  • Asymmetrical looks, on all types of garments. This was a strong statement.
  • Wrapping, and wrapping and wrapping. Fine-knit tops would wrap completely around.
  • Long tails of fabric extending from collars, cuffs, side seams, etc. I know this is hard to envision, but it was there, and one of those ‘you have to see it’ kind of things.
  • Black, black, black. In fact, it was hard to find clothing other than black. Of course there were some things that were colorful, but the black statement is the strongest I have ever seen it.
  • Long knit armlets (i.e. fingerless gloves that extend the length of the arm).
  • Lots of floating panels, layers, etc.
  • Use of mesh knits on the garments.
  • Use of zippers as a decorative item. Sometimes the tape was a featured detail.
  • Fine merino knits, but we would expect this of New Zealand.
  • Empire waist treatments.
  • Big Buttons, which become focal points on the garment.

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