Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Garment Designer User Group Meeting

This morning I had the pleasure of being involved with the Christchurch Garment Designer User Group. Thanks to the Bernina Sewing Center for hosting us.

It was a pleasure to answer questions related to Garment Designer and to hear what the New Zealanders are doing with the software. There is a great range of skills amongst the members as some knit (hand or machine), sew, felt, embroider, and so on.

For the 'program' part of the meeting, I demonstrated and discussed the various functions of the 'Extras' menu of Garment Designer. We talked about collars, cuffs, ruffles, pockets,edgings, and generic geometric shapes.

I just happened to have a bag full of clothing that I could reference. Several items are rather'new', meaning that our shopping spree of NZ fashion could be of service to people other than 'me'.

I look forward to seeing everyone again in the future, and then, they can pull items from their bag of goodies to share (as I am assigning homework... make something new!)

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