Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Meet Laurel Judd

Laurel Judd is one of New Zealand’s most innovative machine knitters. She has been knitting for over twenty years. She knits limited editions and and “one-off’s”.

I first met Laurel in New Zealand in the 1990’s. I was instantly struck with her creativity and must say that I’ve met few who could rival her ingenuity. I mean, who else do you know who can knit a chair? Or, create a garment from pot scrubbers.

In New Zealand, Laurel is a national tutor (we would say teacher) and judge of fiber art. She has won many awards, and has been published in various fiber art magazines, newsletters and books.

To see more of Laurel's work, visit her website at:


Here is the chair!

This ensemble was knit from approximately 200 metal pot scrubbers.

This dress involved 55,000 rows of knitting and over 200 hours. This is just in the skirt!

This is Laurel's studio.

Laurel also creates beaded jewelry.

This purse is knit and embellished with stitching and buttons.

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