Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Latest Fashion Accessory... a Python "Boa"

So, here it is... one of my 'fashion finds' from my travels to Vietnam. Travel with OAT provides lots of adventures, and here I am trying on a new accessory. Here is my Python "Boa". What is a boa? It is a long fashion scarf, generally made of fur or similar. What is a python? Well, it is a snake, found in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam.

btw.. the lump you see on the left side of the snake, was his snack, a duck. Supposedly, the snake can eat it whole, and digest it for the next two week period.


ErnestWD said...

Reminded me of a song we used to do with the kids, based on the poem by S Silverstein. Here's a Johnny Cash rendition...

Susan Lazear said...

Ernie... that is quite a song! I can't say that I've heard it before.

Makes me laugh.


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