Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fashion Helmets

Another fashion accessory of Vietnam that is new to me is the cycle helmet. Yes, we have helmets for our bikes and motorcycles in the States and Canada, but the ones I see here are different. Given that so many people ride motorcycles, scooters, bikes, etc., and the driving is a little hectic, I would say that the helmets are a necessity.

Try crossing the street (on foot) through a maze of cyclists and you will quickly see what I mean.
So, here are a few shots of the helmets I see, and at the end, the one I an hunting for to buy to take home.

This is the style I am looking for.... a little Burberry look.


Star said...

I'm particularly fond of the ones (colored or black) I see here in Milan, Italy, that have animal ears. It looks like there are appropriately positioned holes into which one can insert the ears of one's choice. What a good idea.

Susan Lazear said...

Hi Star

Well, I bought one today... it looks like a denim hat.

We are bringing our Fashion students through Milan in April. Any suggestions as to where we should go? (other than the things that are standard Fashion stops).