Monday, June 20, 2011

Creativity at the Biennale in Venice

Ciao all!

I am in Italy again, and sorely behind in blogging.

Thought I would get back into the groove by sharing with you some art from the Biennale in Venice. This is a bi-annual art exposition where different countries of the world have exhibits around the city.

This one was my favorite of the few I had time to see thus far.

This is the Ukrainian exhibit. It is called Post-vs.-Proto Renaissance.

The artists are the Van Eyck brothers, proto-Renaissance artists whose painted eggs form a structure in mosaic. So, ancient and modern art merge here.

If I read it correctly, the large piece you see here (behind me, as a size reference), is made from 3,640,000 painted wooden eggs.

And another piece.
For more info, check out the Biennale web site.

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