Saturday, June 25, 2011

2011 Design Retreat in Italy

Ciao all!
We have just begun our Design Retreat.

Here is the group this year, with our English and Italian names.

Back Row, L-R
Maureen from Texas, aka Morena
Mary from Michigan, aka Maria
Shari from California, aka Sara
Kath from California, aka Katerina

Fron Row, L-R
Susan (me), aka Susanna
Maria from New York, aka..... Maria (surprise)
Cynthia from Conneticut, aka Cinzia

Here we are at Dante's statue, in Verona.

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Star said...

Looking forward to hearing about your retreat. I've been exploring the design advice of Owen Jones given in his "Grammar of Ornament." Though intended for architects, the general principles can be applied to all kinds of arts.