Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Non-Traditional Christmas Tree

I can't believe the month of December has flown by without an entry here, but it is a crazy month with final exams at the college, holiday prep and family and friend celebrations.

So... for the past six years, I have been challenging myself by creating a non-traditional Christmas tree. This is yet another creative challenge I give myself.

This year... I draped my tree using window screening. Basically, I start with a Victorian frame (that I use most years). Then, I cut three rectangles of silver window screening, and ran basting threads of fish line along each long end of the rectangles. After that, I pulled the basting threads to gather the rectangles around the stand in tiers. I placed evergreen cuttings on top of each tier, and chili lights (what else for the southwest area I live in?).
Here is the tree in process...

To top the tree, I used a tumbleweed that a friend retrieved for me in Utah. (yes, friends know of my crazy ways).

Here are some close-up shots so you can see the screening

I'm already thinking about next year.. what shall I do?

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