Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fashion Cookies

As another holiday project this year, I invited the Exec Board of our college Fashion Club for dinner. Of course, there was another project... the students cut out and decorated Sugar Cookies. I had made the cookie cutters out of 'Flashing' (found at Home Depot. The images were fashion clothing and accessories. Basically, I took drawings of clothing, etc, and scaled them to the size I wanted. Then I bent the flashing around the outer shape and used duct tape to hold everything in place, and to cover the top sharp edge.

Here are the cookies prior to decorating..

Now... the decorating.. and the results.. and the cast of characters.


KnitKnut said...

Do you have a photo of one of your 'flashing' cutters? I'd love to do this here in our art group next year (or next art opening). I bought a tiny stiletto heeled cutter years ago and my high heeled cheese pastries go down a treat!!!

SusanLazear said...


I can take a picture of them, when I get home. I'm overseas at the moment, working on another writing project (or two).