Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Big Sock... working towards a Guinness Book World Record

At Newton's Fall Machine Knitting seminar last weekend, I had the pleasure to participate in The Big Sock. This is an effort to knit the world's biggest sock, and set a new Guinness Book World record.

The sock is composed of 1500 stitches knitted with ten circular needles. This makes it 23 times larger than a typical sock (which starts with 64 stitches).
The project originated in Hastings England and is now traveling the U.S. This is the first time it is on the west coast, and is moving to Stitches in Hartford next week.

The current world record is a sock that measures 16 feet tall.

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Star said...

If you're interested in knitting as an art medium, you might be stimulated, shocked, inspired and maybe even delighted by the broad variety of objects in the Feb-Mar 2009 show "Dritto Rovescio" at Milan's Triennale (literal translation of title, "Front Back"). Can't find any web sites in English on this show, but this one has a good range of photos.