Friday, August 6, 2010

Organizing, Part 2: A Helpful Tool

OK... the Organizing Challenge continues. My garage has improved, but I am still not ready to share photos.

Instead, to keep you entertained, let me share a great device and software product with you. I have used it to inventory most of my books.

I have invested in a little hand scanner device and software by called Collectorz. This enables me to scan the bar codes on my book, and then hook up to my computer, and upload the information into a database program. This then goes out to the internet and finds the information about the book, and feeds the information into the database.

I actually own three of their database products.
Book Collector
Music Collector
Movie Collector
I think I purchased everything, including the scanner for well under $200. I did this a couple of years ago. I now see on their site that there are less expensive scanners than mine.

I inventoried all movie DVD's on Sunday in just a few hours (most of which was spent tidying, organizing, and alphabatizing.

Here is a sample of what the database looks like.

As you can see, I know where they are, and I can see if I have loaned them to anyone.

Next... to get the I-phone app, so that I have my list with me at the store.


Kathi said...

Maybe you could come visit my house and do some organizing??!!

Courteney Fox said...

Love this! I've actually been organizing my clothes and reorganizing them lately because I got the app on my droid "My Closet" where you take snapshots of all of your pieces of clothing and then you can log and coordinate and it picks an outfit for you! So cool and then you have an inventory of all your clothes for when you go shopping so I also created a list of missing essentials in my wardrobe! I'm sure you can get it for your Iphone too :) Hope youre having a great summer Susan! I'm bummed I dont have any classes with you this semester!

SusanLazear said...

Kathi... I can't keep up with my house!!

Courteney.. You have to show me your app on your phone. I have a similar application called MyStyle, but I haven't had time to use it. I would love to see how it works.

As for taking photos of the clothes in my closet... well, that could take a year. Wonder if it runs on the IPad.??

Courteney Fox said...

Yeah it is probably the same thing! I know it has taken me forever!! I got this new phone and havent completely figured it all out yet, instead playing with this app. hahah! On mine it says that you can transfer from my so i'm assuming you can take pics from your computer and transfer to phone.