Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The 'Getting Organized Challenge'

Last weekend, I taught various seminars and workshops at Convergence, an International Weaving, Dyeing and Spinning conference that took place in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

On Sunday, I taught a class on 'Getting Organized (for Fiber Artists)'. Some of my friends would laugh, as they have seen my 'garage'. I know WHAT to do to be organized, it just takes a time commitment to do it.

SO... all members of the class and I took a pledge.. raising our right hands. We are all going to tackle some major organizational project at home, this week. And mine is my garage.

Now, note that I haven't put any photos up... yes, it is that bad.
But I will say, that it is already much better. I have spent about a day out there, and already things are improving.
Thus far..
books have been pulled for donation to libraries
Financial records that are past their IRS audit periods are ready for shredding (Salvation Army offers a service).
Piles are made for donations to the local knitting guild, my students at the college, etc.

SO... who out there has started to tackle their areas that need organization. We are all in this together, and I need to hear from you. Leave a comment please.

If you need some of the tips I gave in class, let me know.


David said...

Good Job on the Blogging!!!!!!!

Your telling me the garage will be clean? I'll have to see it to believe it.... ha

Can't Wait for next June!


Springfield ArtWorks said...

Susan, I have started one of the things I agreed to do in class...will let you know how I progress.

KnitKnut said...

I recently gave away two huge garbage bags of fabric from my studio. It was left over from years of sewing...I don't notice the space!! Mum passed away and Dad's downsizing so now I'm filling up with knitting needles, bits and bobs from her 'stash' that I can't bear to part with or I'm sure I'll find useful...right!!!! The local yarn shop and spinners and weavers are benefiting from yarn (for charity projects) and her fleeces, spinning wheel, and the local fibre artists' group from her quilting 'stuff'.

SusanLazear said...

Well, I have been donating things to my students. I find it is much easier to get rid of things if I have a good cause.

Jean H said...

Hi Susan, enjoyed your class on organizing and am putting some ideas to work. I have a "junk room" that I can now walk through (part of anyway). I got rid of about 7 bags of clothes and odds n ends to goodwill. One goal of mine is to reduce clothing/shoes I don't wear to point where I can do the 1-in 1-out rule. Right now, it's about 1-in and 5-out! Why is it so hard to get rid of something I haven't worn for years? Jean H

SusanLazear said...


You go! I am duly impressed. I will let you inspire me to move some clothes out in the next couple of weeks. I think it is hard for us to get rid of things we still like. So, have a fight with them, or whatever it takes. I find it is easier for me to let go of things if I can see the instant need, like my students (for fabric) or a women's shelter.


Anonymous said...

awww nice!! whats for the students ;) ???

Jean H said...

unexpected good fortune... you mentioned in class that finding someone to delegate some tasks to could help with getting organized, and shredding was one of those. Out of the blue my neighbor called and said she had appt with shredder guy coming to town, and didn't have the 100 lb minimum stuff she had to pay for. So, this got me diggin thru a box or two of old bank statements and checkbooks, over 13 lbs of that is gone to shred heaven! While sitting in junk room doing that, I also made it thru a box and half of old college papers. Lots for recycle and some for trash. After last 1/2 box gone thru I'd due for a reward! Jean