Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Day of Repose… Reading and Writing

In preparation for a lecture I'm preparing for the Handweaver's Guild of America, I have been reading a lot on creativity and inspiration. One of the things I have seen written over and over again, is that in order to increase our creativity, we need to schedule quiet time into our lives. And so, I have been trying to reserve Sunday as a day when I take time to quietly reflect, think, and renew myself after a busy week.

This past Sunday, while still in Verona, I attended a lovely organ concert at San Fermo church, and then, I walked to a park near Castel San Pietre and spent the afternoon reading, writing, and listening to the crickets. I have claimed a 'rock' in this quiet little park, and I have been making regular visits for the past few years.
Here you can see a few images of my 'rock', and the view I have.

So... here is a formula that works for me.

Take a book, a journal, and a pen. Pack up some fresh fruit, and a bottle of water. Bring a hat, and a scarf, and make them colorful. Pray that no one else is on your rock. Then, when you get there, create a nest of sorts, and relax in whatever manner works.

For me this time, I took a book I have been reading and working with. It is called Your Personal Renaissance: 12 Steps to Finding your Life's True Calling by Diane Dreher.

I have been faithfully doing the various exercises by writing in my journal. The good news, is that by Chapter three, I was delighted to realize that I was 'already there'. I am already doing what I need to be doing. How great is that! Yet, I continue with the book and the various chapters which are offering me other ideas on how to best use my time and energies to realize my calling. I like learning about the various Renaissance artists and other historic figures that Dreher discusses as she uses examples to clarify a point.

As you can see, I had my quiet time. I was joined by thousands of crickets who sang in reverie for me.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog :)

Kathi said...

Quiet time -- what a wonderful concept. I assume it may come in 12 years or so after my boys are out of school???!!!! Maybe??!!!

SusanLazear said...

Those days will come. But... I think even with little ones, you need to make time, now and then, for quiet time. I'm sure you do, but just make sure you keep it high on the list.


Marcia Silva said...

Nice posting!

ErnestWD said...

Glad you're carving out some 'quiet time'. Tis always a temptation to somehow make it work-related! A wholesome mix to be serenaded by both organs and crickets.