Sunday, November 1, 2009

Avast... Ye Mateys! The Celebrities Commune

Hallowe'en... How fun. I am pleased to say, I have never grown up, completely. I love to entertain, and most years I host a Hallowe'en party, always with a theme. This year, the theme was.. Come Dressed as a Favorite Celebrity. The good news is, my friends generally get into the groove with me, and that is what makes such a good mix; friends getting together, good food, good drink, and lots of laughs.

Here I am in pirate garb, but I want you to know that it was all fashion/designer wear, from my Anna Sui silk vest and Italian pant/skirt, to the leather boots, and Bisou Bisou blouse.
Oh yes, check out Twiggy below. She is wearing my dress from highschool years.. I tell my students.. you think you own short! I think not... this dress even had matching underwear.

I would like you to meet various folks who attended the soirée last evening.

Dolly Parton, and Darlene (from the Micky Mouse Club)

Sonny and Cher, Harrison Ford, and Zorro

Twiggy and the Sixties Dude of unidentified personna.

Elvira and Elphaba

Betty Davis, Vampy Vixen, Wench Piratess

arhhhhh... yet more pirates... we were overrun... avast..

Johnny Depp and his sidekick, the dog from Pirates of the Carribean... note the keys on the ring

Mary Poppins and her western 'friend' (didn't know she had one, did you!)

The Witches of Reflection (my street)

The entire pirate crew...

One is never too old to be a kid. Dress-up time it was.


Richard said...

Dolly has had "work."

Trust me on that.


KnitKnut said...

How wonderful to be outside on Hallowe'en! Looks like fun...
.... from the (raining on Hallowe'en) North... Canada.