Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2016 Non-Traditional Christmas Tree

Petticoats hanging on display in LA Garment District
I'm a bit behind this season, and am long overdue with blogging.
But, annual tradition of the non-traditional Christmas tree continues. This year, the theme was somewhat Mexican.

Throughout the year, I'm scouting for a 'theme'. This year, the theme was found on a trip up to the Los Angeles Garment District in November. A group of women, who were here for the Fall Cochenille Design Retreat joined in on a day exploring fabric, fashion, and related in LA.

While walking the streets and browsing fabrics, I happened to notice this great storefront.. with hooped petticoats hanging from the ceiling... so that was 'it'.

Students and faculty from Mesa College assisted in putting the tree together.. and as you can see, we continued with the Mexican flavor.

Lights were placed on my metal frame,
and the hooped skirt was positioned above.
Dressing the head! Notice the eyelashes!

Testing the head
Hanging banners for the skirt
Almost-finished dress

 See the video above and forgive the group singing.

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