Wednesday, August 26, 2015

It's Official.... I have started my Sabbatical!

It’s official!! I have started my sabbatical for the Fall Semester.

I will be researching Textiles: Past and Future. I’m so excited!

Body Necklace which joins the bikini top to the bottom
The ‘past’ component will allow me to learn more about the history of fabrics we use everyday. The ‘future’ component will allow me to learn more about new textile trends, and where we are heading as we integrate technology and ecology-awareness into our fabric world.

I’ll be blogging again as I learn new things, so stay tuned if you like textile and want to learn along with me.

Here you can see a techno bathing suit by Blue Glue. They use non-conventional materials and often incorporate jewelry into the ensemble. Here you have a swimsuit and necklace combo inspired by the Alhambra in Granada, Spain.

The complete ensemble
I saw this garment at the Design Exchange exhibit in Toronto last week. 
See the next blog entry for more unique textiles!!

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Christiann Moore said...

Do women actually swim in this type of swimsuit?