Friday, July 20, 2012

Project Convergence: Day 3

Day Three involved drafting patterns for the various designs. Many students used Garment Designer. Here we are at various stages of designing patterns, printing, and cutting sample prototypes.

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Scandi Enterprises said...

Hi Susan. We recently purchased Garment Designer and have to say we are favorably impressed. A sorely needed under-utilized product in the marketplace. I am curious if you have thought about going further with it? Our idea is creating a file format called a "digital dress form" (which your software basically already does). It would act as a software cookie however and be used to try on clothing virtually and in reviewing how garments fit every specific body type. It would act like a Facebook plugin such that it could be used on any site to review fit or to compare the fit based upon user reviews from users physically just like you (each review would show a % similar to your .DDF file). Combined with the design software and fabric printers and cutters users could make original pieces locally or overseas where they would be assembled by seamstress' and shipped or delivered (I envision shops with fabric printers and mechanized cutters where staff would help individuals produce their own designs and seamstress' would assemble the designs). It seems to me that a convergence of these technologies is inevitable and desirable. It also seems to be an enormous economic opportunity that you are uniquely qualified to facilitate. Best regards from fellow designers.