Sunday, March 15, 2009

David's Shots

David here... Susan's nephew.

Awesome! Lots of flowers, some good opportunties to take pictures, and it beats the cold (or Toronto area).
oh yes.. great smoothies at the Fudge Factory.

Re: shooting
I learned a lot by watching others and taking tips when given. I've grown to like manual focus a lot more. My aunt and I did fine. This is one of the hobbies we share.

Below are my photos..


Cindy said...

Beautiful shots. How wonderful to be able to do something like that with your Aunt. I would love to spend a week taking photos. I need more practice. Any tips to share? I'm trying to get better with my own photography. My biggest problem seems to be finding a way to make things straight. Sounds silly but it is true.

Anyway, keep at it, you are a natural.

SusanLazear said...

Hi there (from David). Thanks for the comments.

re: the Level thing... some of the men in the group had a level device that they attached to the flash hot shoe. They could then tell if the camera was straight.

Google hotshoe level


Jan said...

Hi David!! What a great way to spend your March break. Excellent pictures by the way and a good hobby to get into... Hugs from you Aunt jAN