Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tie Dye

Upon walking into my hotel room in Ranthambhore, I was delighted to see the wonderful drapes which were created using and tie-and-dye technique. This is an old design technique used in various places around the world, and its name changes according to where you are. In India, the techniques is knows as plangi or bandhana (or bandhani). Bandhana comes from Hindi “to tie or bind”. Portions of the fabric are protectedfrom the dye by tying or binding with thread.

As you can see by the pattern of the drapes, it looks like small seeds were placed in the fabric, and then bound. This was done in a repeating pattern along the lower edge of the drapes.

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fioria said...

got a fun skirt done like this in salt lake city. it was from india and they used rice. or some seed.