Sunday, February 16, 2014

You can't escape Fashion

Three consecutive shots, taken from the bus window, while driving in Morocco.

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Location:On the road, in the villages of Morocco

Henna and Kohl

Below, some shots of Henna, followed by Kohl. Cosmetic items from our past, and now.

You can see the vials of kohl in front, and behind, you see the vessels used to hole the kohl for application.

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Clever Marketing

I took these photos awhile back, when visiting Barcelona.
Clever marketing.

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lucky Coat

My niece was making fun of my vintage hot pink coat tonight. (I purchased it at an antique store last year). So, I told her it was my lucky coat, and I've met some pretty interesting people while wearing the coat.

So, to prove my point, take a look. (btw, the third picture was taken at a different time).
Do you know them Tara?

Mannequins for Costumes in our Past

When visiting costume exhibitions, it is always fascinating to get a glimpse of what is necessary 'under' the garments.
These photos from the Fashion Museum (in the Decorative Arts Museum) in Barcelona.

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This is often my view as I drive home. I love the billowing clouds.

And of course, there is the plant-life of Southern California.

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Can you believe the snow?

This sure isn't San Diego.
Visiting my family.

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The Best Part

The best part of my Morocco adventure was the time in the Sahara Desert.
Below, a new friend, Rita, and I show our excitement upon arrival.

My first serious foot print in the sand.

Meeting the camels..... Mine was called Maurice (or, at least, that is what I named him).

Riding with the group.

The camels before...taking in the camera.

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Location:Sahara Desert

Dyeing in Fes, Morocco

It's been a long time since blogging. Life has bee too busy. Besides work, I've been traveling a bit. January was my adventure month, and I journeyed to Morocco. Of all the cities I visited, Fes struck me as the most interesting.

Below, you will see the dyeing facility for leather. As I understood, most workers here, spend their life with dye work. You can see all the vats, most with colored dye, and one picture shows the prep-to-dye work.

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Location:Fes, Morocco