Monday, June 27, 2011

The Wheels on the Bus

go round and round..

Here is our Retreat Group, en route to the fabric store. More to come on that! This was the first group transport.

And tomorrow, we tackle the train .. as we head to Milan.

Our goal? Lunch in the Armani Cafe, amongst other things.


Art Workshop at Retreat

On Saturday we had our art workshop with Italian artist Giada Floris. This was a mixed-media workshop, and we all had to push ourselves to create a portrait-type piece using painting and collage techniques.

Here, to the left, you can see the results of our afternoon project.

Meet Giada. You can contact her at

Here you can see the group at work.... and the chaos of a creative workspace!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

2011 Design Retreat in Italy

Ciao all!
We have just begun our Design Retreat.

Here is the group this year, with our English and Italian names.

Back Row, L-R
Maureen from Texas, aka Morena
Mary from Michigan, aka Maria
Shari from California, aka Sara
Kath from California, aka Katerina

Fron Row, L-R
Susan (me), aka Susanna
Maria from New York, aka..... Maria (surprise)
Cynthia from Conneticut, aka Cinzia

Here we are at Dante's statue, in Verona.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Speaking of Street Art

Here are a few more Venice shots of street art!
All on one short street, as you walk to San Marco Square.


Street Art in Venice

While strolling the maze of Venice, two pieces of street art caught my eye..
Here they are:

Monday, June 20, 2011

Creativity at the Biennale in Venice

Ciao all!

I am in Italy again, and sorely behind in blogging.

Thought I would get back into the groove by sharing with you some art from the Biennale in Venice. This is a bi-annual art exposition where different countries of the world have exhibits around the city.

This one was my favorite of the few I had time to see thus far.

This is the Ukrainian exhibit. It is called Post-vs.-Proto Renaissance.

The artists are the Van Eyck brothers, proto-Renaissance artists whose painted eggs form a structure in mosaic. So, ancient and modern art merge here.

If I read it correctly, the large piece you see here (behind me, as a size reference), is made from 3,640,000 painted wooden eggs.

And another piece.
For more info, check out the Biennale web site.